Lab-produced diamonds may be designated as «grown» if they have the same optical, physical and chemical characteristics as mined diamonds and the term is clearly and visibly disclosed (for example, the words «lab-made», «lab-grown», «[manufacturer`s name]-created» or any other word or phrase of similar meaning); which means that the diamond is not mined. Pearl treatments refer to how certain pearls are modified to improve their appearance or value. Common treatments include bleaching, dyeing or irradiation to change the color of a pearl or cultured pearl. And when it comes to Word Pearls` game answers, they`ll be up to date for the lifetime of the game. The bonus words I have come across will be at your disposal and if you find others, I will be happy to take them. This can help the players who come after you. Anyway, I liked the graphical features of the game and impressive lighting definitely seems to be the most interesting part of the game. The claims you make about jewelry must be correct. The Federal Trade Commission`s jewelry guides provide specific information on how jewelry products can be truthfully and misleading, and how essential information can be shared with consumers. This booklet highlights the sections of jewelry guides regarding diamonds, other gemstones, and pearls. You may need to review your product descriptions to ensure they are not misleading and disclose essential information to consumers. Do not use the word «fake» to describe a stone made in a laboratory or imitated, as this would probably not sufficiently reveal that the stone is not an extracted stone. If you have a dispute with a client about a jewelry agency, contact the FTC.

You can also contact the Jewelers Vigilance Committee`s (JVC) Alternative Dispute Resolution Service. The JVC is an independent, non-profit organization founded to promote ethical practices in the jewelry industry. Contact the MSC by phone at 212-997-2002 or online at You must not use the unqualified words «ruby», «sapphire», «emerald», «topaz» or the name of any other precious or semi-precious stone to describe a product that is not actually a stone mined of the type described. – 400 levels to beat and more to come – Train your brain and enrich your vocabulary – Relax and calm down with the soft music and vibrant background scenery – With no time limit, you can go through the words at your own pace A statement that only reveals the type of cultured pearl, which you sell – for example, fresh water, South Seas or Akoya pearls – are not enough. Instead, say that pearls are cultivated: cultured freshwater pearls, South Sea cultured pearls, or Akoya cultured pearls. If the product contains counterfeit pearls, use the word «artificial», «imitation», «simulated» or a synonym immediately before the word pearl. If you sell simulated or counterfeit diamonds, you must indicate to consumers that they are not diamonds by describing them as «imitation», «simulated» or any other word or expression of similar meaning to immediately precede the word «diamond» and disclose equally prominently the nature of the product and the fact that it is not a lab-made or mined diamond. If you need answers for different levels of Word Pearls, go to Word Pearls Answers for the full list of gaming solutions. A few minutes ago, I played level 546 of the Word Pearls game and was able to find the answers. Now I can reveal the words that can help all players to come. The subject of this level is legal terms, which is somewhat difficult.

It was a short excerpt of my results at level 546. The full list of words should be presented right after the next paragraph. You need to tell consumers if the pearls you sell are grown or imitated. Your ads should not use the word pearl per se, unless the advertised product is just natural pearls. If the product contains cultured pearls, the word «grown» or «grown» – or a synonym – should appear immediately before the word pearl. Word Pearls is a very popular puzzle that makes a difference to word games. It is a free game developed by Unico Studio that can be downloaded from Android and IOS platforms. Word Pearls have their distinctive sound and themes that are quietly relaxing.

The game has 100K+ fans who love word solving games and over 1,000 levels for you to enjoy. We played and solved all the levels that were very difficult as we progressed through the higher levels. The game is easy to play by simply assembling the beads to create a word that matches the given clue. If you`re struggling at any level of the game and don`t want to waste time, we`ve published all the answers below. Here you will find the answers to the legal terms of Word Pearls Level 546. Features: – Wipe the discs to connect the words, easy to start – Various clues available, use them wisely to adjust the coins and solve the puzzles smoothly – Thousands of challenging puzzles with fun clues and complex discs To learn more about the accurate representation of diamonds, other gemstones, pearls and other jewelry products, including gold, silver and platinum, to learn FTC guides for the jewelry, precious metals and tin industries. If you sell lab-made diamonds, you must tell consumers that they are not mined diamonds by describing them as «lab-grown,» «lab-made,» «[manufacturer`s name] created,» or any other word or phrase with a similar meaning that immediately precedes the word «diamond» and also strikes at the nature of the product and does so. disclose that it is not a mined diamond. Do not use the terms «lab-grown,» «lab-made,» «created by [manufacturer`s name],» «synthetic,» or other words or phrases of similar meaning, unless the product has substantially the same optical, physical and chemical properties as a mined diamond. After you reach this step, you can use the following topic to get the full list of words you need: Word Pearls 547. Word Pearls is one of the most popular mobile word games in the world. This free word game is a fantastic spin for traditional word connection games, word search games and word puzzle games.

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