Now the question arises. What documents can be used as proof of address? In addition, you will likely need to attach another proof of address, such as your lease or your employer`s IRS Form W-4, as additional proof. You can use additional documents to complete the letter, including utility bills and pay stubs. In general, any document that is not on the bank`s official list of required documents will be rejected. As in the United States and Canada, you can also use a lease, insurance policies, credit card bills, and utility bills to prove your address. Make sure you register the contract at the correct address. It`s worth checking with your local bank if they allow this as a valid proof of address. To do this, you often need proof of address. So what counts as proof of address for these purposes? What is the difference between proof of address and other ID? Getting your hands on a proof of address may seem difficult, but as long as you actually live where you say you live, it will be possible to be validated by your bank! An affidavit of residence is another type of proof of address, but it will take longer.

Your landlord or employer must write a letter confirming your current residential address and notarizing it. If you`re using proof of address that doesn`t have a specific expiration date, include your utility bills for the last three months to indicate that this is your current residence. Technicians can only accept faxed documents from an established company. Certain criteria are essential for your proof of address to be valid and accepted by your bank: any of these documents is enough, just bring the original to the bank when you apply for a bank account! And if you plan to send money home, a local bank account is helpful. When you open a bank account, you usually need to provide proof of address. The passport booklet issued by a post office or bank listed with the applicant`s photo and address can be used as proof of address if the account is currently in use and the address is exactly the same as the one you provide to a government agency. The LPG invoice is accepted in a few cases. Each authority/organisation has its own list of valid proof of address and it has its own reasons for doing so. Some banks accept utility bills as proof of address. Although the rules vary from state to state, most motor vehicle departments (DMV) and government agencies accept the following proof of address: Aadhaar is a unique 12-digit identification number issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India. As it is unique to each person, it serves as proof of identity and residency throughout the country.

Aadhaar is also given to children and young children, as there is no age limit. Aadhaar ensures the uniqueness of every citizen of India based on demographic and biometric information. The letter Aadhaar (received by mail) and the letter e-Aadhaar downloaded from the UIDAI website are also valid in case of disappearance of your Aadhaar card. So you can understand how important it is to have an Aadhaar card. If you have not yet received your Aadhaar card, go to the nearest Aadhaar registration centre and apply for it promptly. If you`re in Hong Kong, check out our recommendations on how to get a specially compiled proof of address for Hong Kong residents. Or even Britain! It is very likely that you already have some kind of proof of address lying around your house, you do not know it yet! The terms «proof of address» or «proof of address» mean the same thing: documents showing where you live. Proof of address differs from other identification documents because not all identity documents have a current residential address. Usually, it starts with a government-issued ID, followed by proof of address to confirm where you live. While it`s not as common as a driver`s license, you can also ask for photo ID from the U.S.

state where you live. This identification can also become proof of address. Just like a driver`s license, you can get it from the DMV. If you don`t have other proof of residency, utility bills less than 3 months old may be helpful. However, make sure that your name on the document you attach the utility bill to matches the name on the bill. Each authority has its own reason for accepting or rejecting any type of electricity bill. I tried to get a JIO and VODAFONE SIM card and in both was refused because I don`t have proof of Delhi ID, VALID FOR YOU. I have a passport, a visa valid until October 2017, FRRO paper, police check, pan card, ITR, bank resume, rental agreement, and they always ask for other valid documents.

I am not Indian, I will never have an Indian identity card. What can I do? Individuals who are unable to provide two acceptable documents to verify the «residential address» may be able to provide other documents to meet the requirements: NOTE: To meet proof of address requirements, we recommend that you bring more documents than is required for each visit to a DMV office. Unwanted or bulk mailings (coupons, weekly mailings, advertisements) and handwritten documents will not be accepted as proof of address. Surely anyone will have to deal with a situation where they are required to provide a proof of address document. For various reasons, such as purchasing a SIM card or applying for a passport, it is mandatory to present proof of address to the respective authorities or companies. Two proofs of Colorado physical address documents are required for the following applicants: If you are trying to obtain a library card, open a bank account, or renew your license with the DMV, you will need to provide proof of identity and address.