Nathan stood there for a while, wondering why Noah hated Jessica so much. Jessica was a beautiful and caring woman with all the qualities a man would want from a woman. Ashin Johnstone has never loved anyone as much as her husband, Kristoff Washington. She had spent most of her life having a crush on him and was really thrilled that she had finally married him in a pragmatic marriage. But she knew he didn`t love her, not the way she wanted to. She knew he would never love her as a woman. He will never want her as she desires. As painful as it was, she learned to understand it and understand her feelings for her. She tried to be satisfied with her life with him. She tried to be satisfied with her relationship with him.

After all, she is the legal wife. Anyone who wanted to would go through her first because she recognized one. She is the legitimate wife. «You don`t have the right to ask me questions, and I don`t answer them.» «Why did you lie to him? I`m not your wife anymore, it`s just in the newspapers and I just came back to free you so we don`t bother anymore. I will talk to him about it myself and clear up his misunderstanding. After all, she is the legal wife. Anyone who wanted to would go through her first because she recognized one. She is the legitimate wife.

Although she felt dizzy and tired throughout the kitchen and Debby couldn`t help but hate her master even more. He always seemed to abuse his wife, whom she considers nice and a kind person, not the spoiled boy of a friend he sometimes brought home. Download the free Kindle app and instantly read Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, no Kindle device required. Read more «But Master, my mistress is not well and I have no desire to take a day off,» Debby replied, trying so hard to hide the anger in her voice because she doesn`t want to get into the wrong side of her cruel mother`s books. Noah walked into the office after making sure he was giving Jessica enough chores to keep her busy for the rest of the day. Since he hated to see her, she always irritated him and he couldn`t bear that everyone knew she was his wife. These e-books can only be exchanged by recipients in the United States. Exchange links and e-books cannot be resold. «Do you let yourself be? And why should I let you be? He scoffed, «You`re my wife, remember? You really wanted to be my wife, even though you got dirty and ruined my whole life! He said as he approached her.

Jessica Allen, a poor orphan whose parents had died in a terrible car accident, grew up without her parents and it was really hard for her until she met Mrs. Taylor. Mrs. Taylor decided to hire Jessica as a housekeeper for her son Noah, just to seduce him. Your son is in love with the daughter of the family`s worst enemy and the only way to stop him from his madness is to marry him off to another lady, even if it means acting against her will. Jessica finally managed to seduce him, and in the process, she fell madly in love with him, only to discover that he hated the mere thought that they were together and promised to make his life a misery no matter how much love she showed him. Finally, he gives her the divorce papers and forces her to sign them, after being content to make her suffer enough in his hands. But what happens when Jessica is about to give up on life and Noah`s best friend, Nathan, begins to take an interest in her? Take them to appointments while the divorce papers were still being processed! After signing the divorce papers, Noah found out how much he really fell in love with Jessica and how he wanted her back. He became a war thug between the two best friends, Nathan and Noah. What`s next? ASHANTI»Please come to the bridal shower! Geneviève beamed towards me as she burst into my office like that. In two weeks is their wedding.

Finally! We worked hard for this wedding because Geneviève wanted a different theme. She wanted a horror theme. In his opinion, marriage is scary. Hence the theme of horror. «You know Kristoff won`t approve of that kind of idea,» I replied. She pouted and then went to my office. «Well, they have this thing called Bachelor Bash and I think Kristoff told Chester he was coming,» she told me as she sat in the chair in front of my desk. My eyes widened towards her. «What?!» I asked incredulously. Geneviève nodded to me.

I closed my eyes and held my cool. How could he do that? He told me he wouldn`t leave because he didn`t want me to go! I sighed heavily. Geneviève looked at me. «Did I do anything wrong by asking you questions?» he scoffed. His eyes narrowed considerably. «That wasn`t the impression I got last night.» There was a knock on his door and she knew it must be him. What does he want from her now? She wasn`t feeling very well for an argument this morning. The blow returned, although stronger than the first, and she slowly got up and went to the door and opened it.

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He tried to convince me to return to our old house, but I refused and declined the offer. Somehow, I loved who I am and where I am now. But what difference did it make? He comes to my house every day. His clothes were stacked with me and it seems that we are living in a house again. Hunter, well, he`s still Hunter Looney, the idiot with the inspirational messages from time to time. Nothing has changed in our relationship. He is still my closest friend. And I`m still his burning friend. I don`t know. That`s what he once told me.

And no, «Yes, sir,» Debby replied as she walked out of the kitchen where she had heard her, feeling sorry for her mistress. «Hey man,» his friend and colleague Nathan greeted as he approached Noah and they shook hands warmly. Carmen was a very sensitive woman who had fallen in love when she was young and married the man of her dreams, but her betrayal broke her fragile heart and she left him, but circumstances brought her back to him «Come on, man, but you`re married to her and she`s pregnant for you.» She served him her food, consisting of burgers and fresh milkshakes, which she was able to prepare with the help of maid Debby. «Thank you, Debby, can you please serve me my food upstairs? I feel really tired,» Jessica said kindly after serving Noah. «Why? You know what I`m saying is the truth, Whitney may not be a gold digger, but she`s definitely a bitch,» Nathan replied without mincing words, earning a deadly look from Noah. Some actions can be combined; Others cannot be combined with other offers. For more information, please see the terms and conditions of these promotions. She knew it was useless to beg him at that time, so she got out of bed.