Before the singer of the Colombian people, Julián Conrado, publicly denounced that there were plans to assassinate him by the Colombian state, in the prison of the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DIM), information that the same investigative body on 01.12.12 the defense of Guillermo Enrique Torres Cueter before the Supreme Court (TSJ) demanded his IMMEDIATE RELEASE. This judicial authority «concentrates» three unanswered cases (habeas corpus, use of illegal pre-trial detention and illegal extradition proceedings). Colombian troubadour Julián Conrado is now imprisoned without trial, in violation of the Bolivarian Constitution itself. February 1 before the Tribunal in Venezuela: Key phase in the development of the People`s Poet, Julián Conrado, and in the development of solidarity among peoples. Defence calls for freedom and asylum: read the legal basis 1. Request for defence by Julián Conrado, written and legal support, by which, if the law, IHL and the Constitution are respected, extradition should not only be categorically definitively refused, but Julián Conrado should be released immediately, under the protection of the figure of asylum: the proper exercise of these freedoms, The maintenance of public order and the security of the country, Respect for moral values and respect for the rights of others necessarily lead to certain restrictions on these freedoms. Freedom of expression means that everyone is free to have an opinion or judgment based on their emotions, thinking skills and knowledge. • Collective freedoms: Collective freedoms are those that correspond to a group of people. These include freedom of association, peaceful assembly, freedom of association and the right to demonstrate. «We respectfully request your release of Guillermo Enrique Torres Cueter, identified with ID card number 9,281,858 and currently detained at the DIM headquarters; With regard to the following considerations: States and parents must respect the thoughts, consciences and religious choices of children. States cannot interfere with the exercise of their freedoms.

These freedoms, recognized for both adults and children, are what we call rights and freedoms, that is, rights that imply that States cannot intervene and that individuals can fully enjoy these freedoms. The Geneva Convention prevents the surrender of a combatant or politically persecuted person who is also ill, particularly if he or she has applied for asylum; it is up to Venezuela to grant him asylum and, if it does not want to, to return him to an effectively neutral third country. The Venezuelan constitution itself prevents this delivery: if Julián Conrado is extradited, it will clearly be another illegality, although they have woven in the media a semblance of legality to cover themselves a little more in this case than they did with the journalist Joaquín Pérez Becerra, who was illegally extradited. without access to a lawyer or defence. It is hoped that in the case of singer Julián Conrado, the right to defense will be more than a sham and that the Venezuelan authorities will soon respect the law and IHL, which prevents the singer from being extradited to the Colombian government. In the field of extradition, there is a crucial limit, the most effective guarantee of the rights and dignity of the human person; Guillermo Enrique Torres Cueter was arrested without an arrest warrant, without judicial review of Interpol`s request and brought before the Control Judge sixty-five (65) after his illegal arrest and violation of basic safeguards.