If your matter is urgent and you need immediate legal advice, you should contact a lawyer or other agencies who may be able to provide emergency advice and/or assistance. The Stratford Advice Arcade welcomes a variety of people from diverse cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds and is able to offer choice, quality and convenience to the community by offering a range of counselling and information services – all under one roof. Our legal guide to the Reintegration Roadmap is an important resource for the legal implications of a criminal record on obtaining ID cards, housing, public benefits, and family matters. We offer free legal advice to the community. Free 15-minute immigration advice between 16:00 and 17:00 Shelter is Britain`s largest housing and homelessness charity, our housing advice service changed lives in 1966. We welcome requests from lawyers, law firms, law firms or legal advisory organisations to partner with the University of East London Legal Advisory Centre. What happens during the interview? The first step is an interview. Clients are not receiving legal advice at this time. Customers are interviewed by two study advisors who also explain our policies and customer service information. All communications are strictly confidential and customer files are stored securely in accordance with data protection requirements.

1 Salway Pl, London E15 1NF Please call us on +44 (0) 7871 734 380 or email legaladvicecentre@uel.ac.uk We are only open during the course period. Migrant Help is a national charity that provides support and guidance to vulnerable migrants, helping them feel protected, informed and safe. We provide advice and guidance to asylum seekers, specialist support to victims of trafficking across the UK and support with the Syrian Vulnerable People Resettlement Programme in South East England. Our legal advice centre works with Sycamore Trust UK to provide free legal advice to people with autism in our Romford Autism Hub legal advice clinic. Sycamore Trust UK is a charity that provides services to support clients and their families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ADD) and/or learning disabilities. One of the adult services offered by Sycamore Trust UK is the Romford Autism Hub. The Autism Hub provides adults with autism with access to services to foster a supportive environment and support effective coping strategies. We provide Sycamore Trust UK clients with free legal advice on matters such as housing, family, employment, contracts/consumers, social benefits (in particular DLA under 16 and PIP) and legal information on SEN matters. Our goal is to advise our clients on their legal situation and the options available to them to solve their legal problems. As a consulting service, we do not represent clients` cases in court and do not conduct any legal disputes. However, we act as an intermediary agency for other organizations that can take over client files free of charge. Legal Aid can provide legal advice to clients in writing and, resources permitting, we may work with third parties on behalf of our clients.

Our services are free of charge. We give priority to cases that are not eligible for legal aid or where clients cannot afford a lawyer. We can also take cases if we feel that there is no other support from other organizations. The Legal Aid Office offers only one weekly walk-in session during the course period. All applications are reviewed individually to ensure they meet the legal aid organization`s criteria. No advice and personal support is offered. To access our support, you can: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Huron Perth Community Legal Clinic office is closed to the public. We will continue to provide legal services to the best of our ability by telephone and/or email.

What happens after the interview? Following the interview, our student advisors and a supervisor will review the case and, if we are able to advise on the matter, our student advisors will investigate the case and prepare a letter of advice outlining possible options. The accuracy of each letter will be verified by the Director and supervising counsel. Once the matter is closed, our study advisors will send a final letter with details on the closure and retention of the client`s file. All student counsellors receive comprehensive training from staff from the legal aid office and partner organizations. The UEL Legal Aid Service is a learning institution for students. Law students offer free written legal advice to the public. As a consulting service, we can only offer our clients written advice. We do not represent client cases in court.

Our students provide regular support and assistance with the Newham Renewal Program under the supervision of immigration expert Sylwia Szymczyk. They take instructions, conduct legal research, translate where they can, and help meet clients in any way necessary. Anyone with pre-arranged appointments with our services will be contacted, advised and supported by phone. We support thousands of projects every year, providing people with the practical help they need to improve their communities and their own situation. Our employment advice and support ranges from small local initiatives working with target groups to large-scale employment promotion programmes. As part of our commitment to providing free legal information to the local community, our student volunteers at the Legal Aid Centre produce informational brochures on current issues for the benefit of our clients. The aim of these brochures is to provide an overview of the law in a simplified way. It does not constitute legal advice. For advice on debt, benefits, family, employment, consumers, housing and immigration (basic) The UCL Integrated Legal Advice Clinic (iLAC), based in central Stratford, provides residents with free legal advice on all aspects of social assistance law, including benefits and housing. During their volunteer work at iLAC, students gain valuable practical experience and develop a better understanding of legal needs while providing much-needed services to one of England`s most deprived neighbourhoods.

The Legal Aid Office reserves the right not to give advice in individual cases. In the event that the legal aid service is unable to help you, we suggest that you forward your requests to other agencies or organizations that may be able to help you. In addition to your application, please also complete this Equality and Diversity Form, which is only used for statistical purposes for the CAJ. We are pleased to have the following partner organizations: Due to the COVID-19 crisis, all personal clinics have been suspended or cancelled for the foreseeable future.