What do you think? Have you ever used steel wool for photography? Do you have any tips for sharing? At the very least, they offer some useful spotting tips for your steel wool photography, such as «Any place that isn`t burned down would be fine.» They also mention in the list that you may need an umbrella, goggles and a fire extinguisher for your safety. They also provide a handy photo that shows how everything fits together. Hi, although this is an old post, I`m so glad I found it. As a newcomer to photography, these instructions were precise and clear. They gave me the confidence to try something that looks so great. Thank you:) One thing that`s useful if you`ve dialed right away is your camera settings. It`s best to shoot in manual mode if you`re burning steel wool, as you need full control over exposure. Fortunately, steel wool photography does not require sophisticated or expensive equipment. Hello. I just started spinning steel wool, but I was wondering if there were any legal problems here in the UK to do it in a public place? I`ve only tried it once so far, but I didn`t have passers-by and a fire extinguisher just in case.

But since it`s a public place, are there any legal issues in case it`s classified as fireworks or something else? Do you advise a local authority or ask them where it can be done? Andrew 13:49, 24 July 2012 PDT (Permalink) Steel Wool Photography is a super fun and super easy way to photograph. Once you have your camera, this project can be FREE. I had to buy the steel wool and that was it. I already had one of the other materials, but the MAXIMUM you need to spend on this project is $4-5. First, take steel wool and separate it slightly. Don`t tear them off, just loosen them. This helps to burn it better. Then stuff the steel wool into the whisk.

Finally, tie the string to the end of the whisk. I used about 3-4 feet of string. Different lengths lead to different results. The beauty of this is that you are only limited by your own imagination and creativity. This is my favorite type of photography because it showcases my creative side and because I am always fascinated by the bright colors and the different streaks of light/traces created by the camera. The best steel wool photography takes place in the dark – you want the trails of fire to come out. Hey, I really like this pinhole photography idea! If you`re struggling with a nicer lens that constantly focuses on different sparks, grab a flash and place it where you make the steel wool, focus the camera in AF, and then lock the focus by switching it to manual focus! Despite all the above safety recommendations, steel wool photography remains a risky endeavor. By participating in this activity, you do so at your own risk and I and/or Improve Photography are not responsible for any injury or damage caused. The steel wool photograph deals with the open flame.

Therefore, it will likely be illegal wherever open flames are prohibited or where there is a significant fire hazard. However, if you are careful and check your local laws, you can safely experiment with steel wool for your creative photography. Live display (if your camera equips it) helps with focusing, as it may be too dark to focus properly on your subject. On my camera, there is enough detail in the live view to focus manually, even if it`s too dark to see anything through the viewfinder. Set your camera to manual focus, focus on the person turning the steel wool, and use a small aperture (f8-16) to compensate for focusing errors. Since this is a kind of landscape photo, you will undoubtedly want to have the whole scene in focus. I guess they expect their customers to be too stupid to find out on their own. But if this is the market they are targeting, surely they are too stupid to even try this type of photography? Rope. Basically, we`re going to spin the steel wool in the whip fast enough to create sparks that make a cool image. If we simply wave a whip with burning steel wool, a bunch of sparks will hit us in the face, which will probably hurt. The string allows us to rotate the steel wool farther away from our face and in cool patterns.

Flexible metal cable is ideal because it will not catch fire. I used the paracord because I had it on hand and it worked very well. You can get paracord online for a dollar. 3. Loosen the steel wool. The more space between the fibers for air circulation, the better the wool burns. 4. Fill the fluffy steel wool into the whisk and be careful not to stuff it too tightly. Again, the more air flows through it, the better it burns. For those of you who really want to age, use these instructibles, but just use a can of coffee lined with very black felt and a slightly convex back panel to place your film roughly in the middle of the box. The box must have drilled a 1/8 hole in front of the film holder. It`s fun and this instructible gives you all the information to take the photos.

Except you can short-circuit the contacts of a powerful car battery to create a big «flash» in your 0000 steel wool. If you are doing light paint in addition to steel wool, keep a bucket of water handy so you can move the whisk and tools quickly. Credit: Sean Pierce I`ve been using AliExpress a lot over the last few months and I`ve done some really good deals on the electronics I need for projects. Sometimes he shows me pretty dubious lists, but I found this one quite funny. As if it weren`t immediately obvious to most people how to do steel wool photography, the seller «Digital Accessories Online Store» offers some practical guides. And I don`t correct any grammar or spelling mistakes. If this is the case for you, try to capture the environment first. If it`s really dark, you`ll probably need a longer exposure and/or higher ISO for that. Once you`ve dialed the number, reset your camera settings for steel wool.