We make a positive difference in people`s lives. Within our firm, we have earned a reputation for helping our clients achieve the best legal outcomes through our various services. The cases we support are essential to ensuring the security of the nation and making government services more effective. We have earned a reputation for success and truly making a difference As a well-known full-service law firm, our goal is to provide you and your business with effective legal strategies tailored to your individual needs. The key to the success of our legal advice is our ability to solve complex problems while prioritizing communication. Al Otaiba & Hamdan Budebes Advocates and Legal Consultants is a national law firm that provides high quality legal services to companies, organizations and individuals around the world. We have a competent and experienced legal team that is always there to meet the needs of each client and provide the necessary legal assistance. We have offices in different emirates, each department offers a wide range of lawyers and access to all law firms. We take care of correcting our clients` wrongdoing and providing first-class personal legal services.

The interests of our clients are paramount and we know how to fight for the right thing and achieve successful results. We are always available, our 24/7 contact service allows you to discuss the matter with a member of our team and get timely advice. {{activeUserProfile.businessName[$root.selectedLanguage] || activeUserProfile.businessName.de | limitTo: 20}}. Our mission and purpose is to serve you by law. The expertise of our lawyers is beneficial to the public as we serve them with the highest skill and lowest risk Our initial goal is to protect our clients and achieve the best possible results in accordance with laws and standards. «I couldn`t have asked for more. Everything`s fine. The support from the companies impressed me on several levels. Mission statements are used as the basis for goal setting and planning. They are the foundation of everything a company does, from strategic planning and business decisions to marketing and practice management.

Trade regulation, also known as commercial law or alternative regulation, is the regulatory framework that applies to the rights, relationships and conduct of persons and businesses engaged in trade, merchandising, exchange and sale. The extraordinary effort made by the staff, the intricate details explained in a very simple way, and the time-limited execution were very satisfying at Al Otaiba & Hamdan Budebes Adovatess. We wish you much success and excellence. A stamp is considered a special stamp consisting of names, signatures, phrases, symbols, letters, addresses, numbers and drawings. The flow of foreign direct investment to the UAE is expected to increase significantly in 2022 due to an improved and investment-friendly business environment. {{business.description[selectedLanguage] || business.description.de}} Uae corporate law governs the governance, finances and soundness of organizations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) through United Arab Emirates law. Each emirate has its own basic business code. Examples of intellectual property rights include patents, copyrights, industrial design rights, trademarks, plant variety rights, trade dress, geographical indications and trade secrets. ».