1. Nominal expression Anyone who has the legal right to work in the (RSA) and has a good understanding of the stock market can become a stockbroker in South Africa. The meanings of the legal and legal question overlap to a large extent; However, legality may apply to compliance with laws of any kind (e.g., natural, divine, general, or canonical). Some common synonyms of legal are legal, legitimate and legal. Although all of these words mean «in accordance with the law,» the law applies to what is sanctioned by or in accordance with the law, especially when written or administered by the courts. Adjective. [`ˈliːgəl`] with legal effect or force. The words legal and legal can be used in similar contexts, but Legalit applies to strict compliance with the provisions of the law and applies in particular to what is regulated by law. In some situations, the words are legitimate and legally roughly equivalent. Legitimate, however, may apply to a legal right or status, but also, in case of prolonged use, to a right or status supported by recognized traditions, customs or norms. Adjective. [`ˈraɪt`] without error; particularly factual or consistent with the truth. Name.

[`ˈraɪt`] an abstract idea of what a person or government agency is entitled to by law, tradition or nature; it`s something that no one can take away. Name. [`ˈraɪt`] Location near or direction to the right; that is, the side faces south if a person or object faces east.